Sunday, 14 August 2016

A fun-filled paint, music and BBQ day!

After a project visit to Katumba II by myself, Becca and Amy, an idea was born to paint pictures in the dining hall and physio room for the children of Katumba II to brighten their school day. The search for paint was quite a challenge, as colours are not in great supply in Rungwe, but never the less, after a two day search spend persevering, the paint was found. We all arrived early at Katumba II on Lulu our faithful old bus driven by our driver (Laticko) now named 'Number 25'.

Everyone set off drawing and painting and all the students and leaders where engrossed in their art work. Hands were used where paint brushes where in short supply and even a nearby tree was utilized for painting small artwork. There was even time to paint the Paper Technology items we had been working on over the past weeks.

The group of Tanzumbrian artists were watched by a small crowed of Katumba II children, who seemed delighted by what was happening. Kalyoto, head of Katumba II said that some days he was not happy, but "today I feel very happy".

It was soon time to wash up and pack away and to stand back and admire our handy work, I have to say that the flower next to the physio bed was practically good, even if I do say so myself lol, but to be truthful they were all very good.

Next it was time for the music to start, the hall filled with Katumba II and English students and members of RCCL and the Makandana dance group. Food was served, pop was drank and before long everyone was dancing as the Makandana dance group struck up a tune or two, even the Tanzumbrians took to the stage and gave the watching crowed a sample of our music. Before long it was time to go I bid a sad farewell to the staff and children of Katumba II, who I had grown fond of over my days spent there this visit and headed off to Ivan's for the RCCL BBQ!

There was music blaring from the speakers, women cooking everywhere and a local man cooking meat ready to serve! Students were ushered in to seats and a selection of drinks were made available. Before long, everyone had had their fill of the amazing food, partically excited about the pork being cooked, and began to join in dances in the courtyard! The end of the night was filled with the students visiting Agy's (Ivan's wife) shop and filling up on sweets before the drive home on Lulu.





  1. What a great idea! Fab artwork! Xx

  2. I especially like the tree with all the hand prints­čśÄ
    Can't wait to see you all tomorrow xx

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