Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Howards Adventures

To Julia and Jenny,

I've had a good night exploring, I have loved my adventures with both of you but wanted to make some of my own.
Before I started my adventure I went to the choo, deeted up and had a little chill to wake myself up, ready to leave The Palace.

Here are some of my adventures;
·         I flew like on bird on a fan

        For a while I was taken hostage by Dutch people

·         Chilled with my shades
·         Had a quick snack of a tasty bagel

 Had a play on the swing
·         Climbed a tree
·         Learnt to play the guitar which attracted some attention
·         Had too much 'kili' to remember

·         Things must have got wild because I woke up next to a meerkat (sorry Jenny)
·         Had a shower to wash away the sins
·         Put my makeup on
·       Packed my bags and …
Now I'm all set and ready with no regrets (except the meerkat) to set off on Tazara ready for our next adventure! #ReadyforRungwe
Love Howard.

1 comment:

  1. Howard that's a very attractive meerkat you're snuggled up with there.....You're a long way from home and from Jenny, but you've got a lot of making up to do when you get back to Blighty....Naughty Howard X